Mar 28, 2015

PSD-024 The excretion of the giant girls.

Cast: Kuroda Mayo, Tokui Yui, Enomoto Ayame, Kitazawa Aoi.
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BF-F Body fluids femdom. (re-upload)

Spit, piss and vomit domination and kinky eyeball licking from gorgeous Japanese female.

Mar 25, 2015

BFST-10_BQ Close up stool of a career woman on business trip. [Best quality version re-upload] (1080p)

Women relaxing at the hotel rooms before or after a meeting during business trip and beeing captured on toilet spycam with extremely close angle while shitting.
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BFTD-14 Skinny Japanese girls peeing and pooping on toilet. (Uncensored)


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Mar 23, 2015

Mar 21, 2015

BFET-25 Toilet rush and sweet release. (HD 1080p)

Close up vagina footage of beautiful Japanese girls rushing thru the street for sweet pee.

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Mar 19, 2015

[special #29_9] Alexa and her scat fantasies. (HD 1080p)


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Mar 18, 2015

BFJT-17 Constipated women & toilet farts. (HD 1080p)

Super close-up angle and high-performance camera captured girls assholes and facial expressions while they suffering from constipation!

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VRXS-074 Scat life with dead girlfriend.


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Mar 14, 2015

BFET-24 Girls dressed in yukata (Japanese national garment) peeing or pooping on toilet. (HD 1080p)

Two spy cameras was set up in temporary wc toilets waiting for girls in yukata. One with full back shot and the other is showing facial expression from the bottom.

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BFSD-03 Schoolgirls forced enema.

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Mar 10, 2015