Feb 6, 2014

PTJ-008 Alise's GERO / VOMIT POP.

PTJ-008_wall_line.jpg PTJ-008_wall_big.jpg
Shocking work of exposing the silliness of being covered in colored vomit . The longing for the SM from the second grade to prevent runaway of the mother at the time of four years  and spending alone time having self-injurious behavior from six years . The "problem child" adorn themselves with tattoos and marks of system pain, exposing the SM by forced masturbation with scissors while crying. Drink own vomit and vomit on yourself is frantic Bukkake from head to toes. We made a mood to look at the Alice's early karma. Vomited a large amount of puke and deepthroat during elementary school age give Alice a sense of openness and pleasure. Joy it is a old bondage SM magazine that I looked when I was young. Alice became the climax human Blanco, was aware of the splendor and greatness of the SM whip blame for the first time. Broken, warped is too happy and comfortably that she became a Sex Monster in Gachinko SEX. But oozing cuteness from the figure like from opened treasure chest. 
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